Saturday, July 14, 2018

Handling SPAM Email

Spam is the bane of all email and I’m often asked how can you control it?

If you are using Gmail as your email provider then you already have a fairly good spam filter. Other providers provide similar offerings of variable quality but if you’re downloading email with something like Thunderbird then you can take control yourself.

Spamihilator is a very useful utility which will examine your email and allow you to ‘teach’ it what is good and bad. You can block or always allow emails from specified individuals or even organisations.

It’s versatile but it does require setting up and it needs to be trained because what is spam for one person isn’t always spam for another, for example, most people would consider emails about drugs to be spam - but then if you're working in the pharma industry, they're more likely to be valid.

When email comes in to spamihilator it is placed in a training area and there you identify which are spam and which are not, thus, over time, it will learn what YOU consider to be spam. You can also say that particular email addresses are never to be marked as spam or, conversely, they always are!


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